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Annual LBGT PA Caucus Business Meeting AgenDA

The annual Business Meeting of the LBGT PA Caucus typically takes place during the AAPA Conference. Be sure to check the AAPA Conference schedule for the date and time of the business meeting, and join us to learn about the Caucus' accomplishments over the past year.

Active Fellow Caucus members are eligible to vote for the next year's Board of Directors. Be sure to renew your membership if it has lapsed.

LBGT PA Caucus

Annual Membership Meeting Agenda

May 23, 2023

5:00 pm CT

Nashville, TN

Caucus Leadership

Jeff Straw, President

Debb Dunn, Director-at-Large; Co-chair – Diversity; Representative to AAPA DEI Commission

Shani Wilson, President-elect; Chair – Education

Sunshine Orta, Director-at-Large; Co-chair – Diversity

Christina Wojnarwsky, Immediate Past President; Director – Policy & Government Affairs

Vicki Murphy Wong, Director-at-Large; Chair – Membership & Development

Victoria Ho, Secretary; Chair – Communications

Mark Behar, Founder-Ex Officio

Vic Holmes, Treasurer; Chair – Finance; AAPA Liaison to GLMA

Casey Messer, HOD Chief Delegate; Chair – Student Leader Fellowship

I. Call to Order

Jeff Straw, President

II. Roll Call

Victoria Ho, Secretary

III. Welcome, Opening Remarks, and Acknowledgement of Leaders

Jeff Straw, President

IV. Approval of Minutes (2022 Annual Meeting)

Victoria Ho, Secretary

V. Financial Report

Vic Holmes, Treasurer

VI. Review of 2022-23 Term


VII. Introduction of Student Leader Fellows

Casey Messer, Chair

VIII. Bylaws Amendments

Jeff Straw, President

IX. Elections


X. Open Forum


XI. Adjournment

Jeff Straw, President

Next Annual Membership Meeting:  May 2024 at AAPA Conference, Houston, TX

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