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2023-2024 Leadership TeAm

Elected Officers

President: Shani Wilson, PA-C 

President-elect: Vic Holmes, PA-C

Immediate Past President: Jeff Straw, PA-C

Secretary: Victoria Ho, PA-C

Treasurer: Cooper Couch, PA-C

Directors at Large:

  • Deborah Dunn, PA-C

  • Sunshine Orta, PA-C

  • Ariana Golchin, PA-C 

  • Elijah Salzer, DMSc, PA-C

  • Victoria Wong, PA-C

Mark Behar, PA-C, DFAAPA, ex officio

Committees & Appointed Chairs

Student Leaders Fellowship Award

Chair - Casey Messer, PA-C

Policy & Government Affairs Director - Whitney Hewitt, PA-C
Membership & Development Chair - Jonathan Baker, PA-C
Communications Chair - Victoria Ho, PA-C
Diversity Co-chairs - Debb Dunn PA-C & Sunshine Orta, PA-C
Education Chair - Elijah Salzer, PA-C 
Conference Planning Chair - Victoria Ho, PA-C

Contact Us



facebook.com/lbgtpacaucus @lbgtpacaucus

Student Leader Fellowship program

2022-2023 term

Student Leader Fellows:

  • Victoria Cammerano, PA-S Valparaiso University Valparaiso, IN

Student Leader Fellows in conjunction with the African Heritage PA Caucus:

To be announced

Student Leader Fellows in conjunction with PAs for Latino Health:

  • Andie DeLuna, PA-S - Escuela de Medicine San Juan Bautista, PR
  • Efren Torres, PA-S - A.T. Still University Santa Maria, CA  

Student Leader Fellowship Alumni

  • Cameron Adelman, PA-S - Johnson & Wales University, RI
  • Holden Camp, PA-S - University of Alabama at Birmingham, AL
  • Wren George, PA-S - Wingate University, Hendersonville, NC
  • Kierra Gipson, PA-S - Lincoln Memorial University, TN


    • Bryan Cuadra, Mass. College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, MA
    • Victoria Ho, Sacred Heart University, CT
      • Director-at-Large, LBGT PA Caucus, 2021-22
      • Secretary, LBGT PA Caucus, 2022-24
    • Andrew Persaud, George Washington University, Washington DC
    • Kayla Pulley, Radford University, NC

    Student Fellows in conjunction with the African Heritage PA Caucus:

    • Cal Richards, Frostburg State University, MD (2020)
    • Tre Landry - Northeastern University, MA (2021)
      • Alejandro Ramirez Lopez, Duke University, NC
      • Kelly Muñoz, University of Florida
      • Ashwin Gupta, Temple University, PA
      • Blake Beck, University of the Pacific, CA
        • Student Academy Delegate, 2019
      • Christina Wojnarwsky, Shenandoah University, VA
        • LBGT PA Caucus Policy Co-Chair, 2019-20
        • President-elect, LBGT PA Caucus, 2020-21
        • President, LBGT PA Caucus, 2022-23
      • Cooper Couch, University of Southern California, CA
        • Treasurer, LBGT PA Caucus, 2023-24
        • President, Student Academy, 2019-20
      • Danny Mulcahy, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science
        • Director-at-Large, LBGT PA Caucus, 2019-21
      • Lauren Woolley, Lenoir-Rhyne University, NC
      • Hanna Rajabi, Temple University, PA
      • Stefan Meers, Florida International University, FL
      • Vicki Wong, CUNY School of Medicine, NY
        • Director-at-large, LBGT PA Caucus, 2021-23
      • Cameron Nicholson, Barry University, FL
        • Director-at-Large, LBGT PA Caucus, 2017-2019
        • President, LBGT PA Caucus, 2020-2021
      • Mia McDonald, Jefferson College of Health Sciences, VA
        • Student Academy Board of Directors Chief Delegate, 2017-18
        • Health Professional in Training Board Member, GLMA, 2016-18 
        • Director-at-Large, LBGT PA Caucus, 2017-19
        • President, LBGT PA Caucus, 2019-20
        • VP of Membership & Development, GLMA, 2018-21
      • Jocelyn Early, Quinnipiac University ,CT
        • Treasurer, LBGT PA Caucus, 2016-18
      • Ross Morgan, Pace University, NY
      • Kat Malagon-Morris, CUNY York, NY
        • Treasurer, LBGT PA Caucus, 2015-16
        • President, LBGT PA Caucus, 2018-19 
      • Alex Sherry, University of Oklahoma
      • Laura Jennings-Bonner, Drexel University, PA
        • President, LBGT PA Caucus, 2016-17
      • Christopher Dietrich, MEDEX/University of Washington
        • President, Alaska Collaborative for Telemedicine and Telehealth
      • Anna Christenson-Moles, University of Colorado Denver
      • Casey Messer, University of Kentucky, Lexington
        • President, LBGT PA Caucus 2017-18
      • Ryan Narcisco, Quinnipiac, CT
      • Elizabeth (Fizzy) Ramsey, Marietta College, OH
      • Phil Burke, University of Oklahoma
        • Treasurer, PA PAC, Oklahoma Academy of Physician Assistants (OAPA)
        • President, PA PAC, OAPA
        • Chief Delegate, OAPA
      • Gerald (Gerry) Jones, Touro University, Nevada
        • Secretary, LBGT PA Caucus
        • President, LBGT PA Caucus, 2013-14
        • Chief Delegate, Nevada Academy of Physician Assistants (NAPA)
      • Jeremy Nelson, University of Iowa
        • Treasurer, LBGT PA Caucus Treasurer
        • President, Iowa PA Society
        • Chief Delegate, Iowa PA Society
        • Delegate, Iowa PA Society
      • Missy Novak, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science
        • President, LBGT PA Caucus
      • Travis Sherer, Pace University, NY
        • Director-at-Large, GLMA
        • Treasurer, GLMA
        • President, LBGT PA Caucus

      (Alumni list in progress)                       

      Past Caucus Officers

      City, Year





      Newsletter Editor/ Secretary (1996)

      1979: Caucus Founded by Ron Vachon, Clover Jacobson and Mark Behar

      New Orleans, 1980

       Ron Vachon

       Clover Jacobson


      Ron Vachon

      San Diego, 1981

      Clover Jacobson

      Ron Vachon


      Ron Vachon

      Washington, 1982

       George Steffen

      Clover Jacobson

      Dean Bergstrud

      Ron Vachon

      St Louis, 1983

      Rosemary Strube

      George Steffen

      Dean Bergstrud


      Denver, 1984

      Daryl Kirk

      Rosemary Strube

      Dean Bergstrud (Sec/Treas), George Steffen (Membership)

      Eric Schuman

      San Antonio, 1985

      Terri McAllister

      Dennis James

      Daryl Kirk

      Eric Schuman

      Boston, 1986

      Vince Engle Terri McAllister    


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