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Student Leader fellowship

jointly OFFERED by the PA's for Latino Health and lbgt pa CaucusES. 

2020-21 Fellowship Sponsored by Elias Villarreal, Jr., ADE, MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA

Are you a LGBT PA student of Latino or Hispanic heritage - or know of a student - who is interested in

  • Service through Leadership
  • Being a good steward of the PA profession
  • Being a Change Agent in Healthcare
  • Improving Organizational Culture wherever PAs, PA Students and especially Patients are found
  • Developing your professional network


Consider applying for this Student Leader Fellowship, jointly offered by the LBGT PA and PAs for Latino Health (PALH) Caucuses.


"There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives." -- Audre Lorde

The purpose of the fellowship is for leaders in medicine to reflect the communities we serve.  When the first few cohorts of the LBGT PA Caucus Student Leaders Fellowship were each appointed or elected to serve in a board leadership role within 3 years of graduation, we realized the fellowship's potential, as well as it's gaps - few alumni identified with Latino/a/x or Hispanic heritage.  This jointly-sponsored fellowship was piloted in 2020 in the hopes that, together, we can support PA students who identify as Latino/a/x or of Hispanic heritage, as well as LGBT, and who desire service through leadership.

Travel Stipend

"We are all one - and if we don't know it, we will learn it the hard way." -- Bayard Rustin

A $1000 travel stipend is available to offset the cost of attending AAPA's annual conference in May.  Failure to attend the AAPA annual conference results in forfeiture of the travel stipend.  Attendance at AAPA's Leadership and Advocacy Summit (LAS) in March 2021 is recommended but not required.  Funding is guaranteed for the 2020-21 fellowship term and will be distributed at conference.

Fellowship Term

“As little as I may be, I’m part of the history. And no matter where you are at, and you don’t know your history, you don’t know where you are going.” -- Jose Sarria

The Fellowship term begins in April 2020 with the fellow's presence on the LBGT PA Caucus HOD Task Force conference calls, in person presence in May 2020  at the AAPA annual conference, and continues with one call each month with a PA mentor through June 2021. 

Mentors include

and 8 other graduate PAs who get you!!


Applicants must be openly lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or gender diverse student members of the LBGT PA Caucus who also identify as Latino/a/x or of Hispanic heritage, and who are currently enrolled in an accredited PA program at the time of the application deadline.  Priority is given to student members who are actively involved with the Caucuses.

Selection criteria include, but are not limited to:  emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, judgement, integrity, character (collaborative, courage, humility), attitudes and beliefs about intersectionality involving sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (SOGIE), racial, ethnic and other identities.

Fellows are are chosen through a competitive selection process that considers an essay and a personal interview.  Letters of recommendation from faculty are optional.



“Without community, there is no liberation.” -- Audre Lorde

  • Attend at least one of the LBGT PA Caucus HOD Task Force calls prior to the AAPA meeting in May 2020.

  • Attend the AAPA Conference in May 2020 and participate in active involvement in the Caucuses' activities as assigned during conference, such as: 
      • hosting the Exhibit Hall booths for a portion of each day during the exhibit hall sessions
      • attending all meetings and receptions
      • attending the House of Delegates daily with a mentor
  • Participate in one 30-minute call with a fellowship mentor, each month between July1 and June 30
  • Author a personal essay of 300-350 words about your conference experience for the PALH website and for distribution by the LBGT PA Caucus throughout the Caucus media channels, within 90 days after attending conference
  • Call in to a minimum of 50% of LBGT PA & PALH board conference calls during the Caucus leadership term (July-June)
  • Alumni are expected to provide an exit interview at the conclusion of their fellowship term, and to leave the ladder down by serving as a mentor to future fellows in 1 or more of the 3 years following graduation (this is a 30-minute call with the fellow)
  • Other activities that may be defined later, such as promoting the fellowship, and encouraging engagement by potential applicants
  • Remain in good academic standing


“Sometimes we are blessed with being able to choose the time, and the arena, and the manner of our revolution, but more usually we must do battle where we are standing.” -- Audre Lorde

Applicants must:

1. Write an essay of 1-3 pages (typed, double spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins) including the following details:

  • Tell us how you have personally dealt with intolerance or discrimination towards you or a friend based on sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, and/or racial or ethnic identity.  Are you satisfied with how you handled it, and if not, how might you have responded differently?
  • Address any issues which arose prior to or after enrollment in PA school that make you want to serve in leadership as a practicing PA.
  • Tell us what you hope to achieve through your involvement with this Student Leader Fellowship.
  • Tell us how you propose to contribute to achieving the mission & vision of the Caucuses as a graduate PA leader.
  • Discuss your professional goals as a graduate PA leader and how they relate to your experience as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or non-binary person of Latino/a/x or Hispanic heritage.
  • Tell us about your financial need for this award, if any.

2. Participate in an online interview.

3. Letter of recommendation from faculty is OPTIONAL.

4. Email completed  PALH/LBGT PA Caucus Student Leader Fellowship Application, essay and any other attachments to info@lbgtpa.org


Applications are due by 11:59 PM EST on February 15, 2020.

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