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For Media inquiries, we respond immediately to reporters on deadline via email:  info@lbgtpa.org

March 19, 2020 Press Release:

The LBGT PA Caucus Participated in Open Letter About LGBTQ+ & COVID-19

Over 100 Organizations Ask Media & Health Officials to Weigh Added Risk

The LBGT PA Caucus joined over 100 other organizations as signatories of a national open letter about coronavirus and the LGBTQ+ communities.

The letter, organized by the National LGBT Cancer Network and GLMA, addresses the LGBTQ+ communities’ increased vulnerability for coronavirus 19 as a direct result of three factors:

  • The LGBTQ+ population uses tobacco at rates that are 50% higher than the general population. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness that has proven particularly harmful to smokers.
  • The LGBTQ+ population has higher rates of HIV and cancer, which means a greater number of us may have compromised immune systems, leaving us more vulnerable to COVID-19 infections.
  • LGBTQ+ people continue to experience discrimination, unwelcoming attitudes, and lack of understanding from providers and staff in many health care settings, and as a result, many are reluctant to seek medical care except in situations that feel urgent – and perhaps not even then.

Further, the letter outlines a series of strategies for all parties handling COVID-19 surveillance, response, treatment, and media coverage to reduce further stigmatization of vulnerable groups in their future actions.

“Information and responses about COVID-19 are changing extremely fast. As the media and health communities are pushed into overdrive, we need to make sure the most vulnerable among us are not forgotten. Our smoking rates alone make us extremely vulnerable, our access to care barriers only make a bad situation worse,” notes Dr. Scout, the Deputy Director for the National LGBT Cancer Network, “but this letter outlines simple steps to ensure no population is further stigmatized by a virus.”

The open letter with the full list of signatories is available here: https://cancer-network.org/coronavirus-2019-lgbtq-info/

November 5, 2018 Press Release:

In response to reports of a memo obtained from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) that seeks to narrowly redefine sex under federal law as an immutable, binary construct determined by one’s genitalia at birth, the LBGT PA Caucus joined more than 35 leading health professional associations and community health centers on a letter strongly opposing this proposal as contrary to medical science.

The 38 organizations joining the letter recognize that gender is non-binary and cannot be determined solely by sex assigned at birth, and strongly urge that the Trump Administration reconsider this reported course of action that would have detrimental impact on the health and well-being of transgender and intersex individuals, and seriously impede nondiscrimination protections for these communities. 

October 25, 2018 Press Release:

"At their October 25 meeting, the Board of Directors of the LBGT PA Caucus of the American Academy of PAs, Inc., unanimously passed a motion endorsing the following statement, in regard to a recent media headlines indicating the current White House administration may try to roll back recognition and protection of transgender individuals:   

The LBGT PA Caucus unapologetically rejects any effort to erase transgender people. We will continue to affirm the inherent humanity of our transgender colleagues and patients.

August 15, 2017 Press Release:

"At their August 15 meeting, the Board of Directors of the LBGT PA Caucus of the American Academy of PAs, Inc., unanimously passed a motion endorsing the following statement:   

The LBGT PA Caucus — stands firmly together in solidarity with other marginalized communities. All of us at the LBGT PA Caucus condemn in the strongest possible terms the voices and the actions of domestic terrorists who gather in the name of hate. Violence in any form contradicts our collective vision of a healthy society...."  Please read the full statement. 

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