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These are statements of attestation from LGBT & gender non-confirming (GNC) PAs and PA students.  

Scroll down for attestations from supporters and allies of LGBT health equity.

“We are your friends, classmates, professors, colleagues, co-workers, and healthcare providers, and we are out and proud.  We are just a few of the talented and committed lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) individuals who contribute to the success and diversity of the PA profession.  We invite you to join us in recognizing National Coming Out Day.”

  • Sharon E. Aycock, PA-C
  • Jonathan Baker, PA-C - Past President, LBGT PA Caucus; AAPA Liaison to GLMA
  • Ben Bauman, PA-C - Past Officer, LBGT PA Caucus
  • Blake Beck, PA-C
  • Mark Behar, PA-C
  • Diane Bruessow, PA-C - Past President, LBGT PA Caucus; Past Vice President, NJ State Society of PAs; Former Board member, GLMA; Secretary-Treasurer, AAPA
  • Phil Burke, MBA, PA-C 
  • Candice Calhoun, PA-C
  • Jeffrey Cameron, PA-C
  • Barbara Chalon, PA-C
  • Benjamin Crumley, PA-C
  • Cooper Couch, PA-S, University of Southern California - President-elect, Student Academy of AAPA
  • Scott Denny, PA-C - Treasurer, Hawaii Academy of PAs
  • Randall Dickson, PA-C - Past President, Washington Academy of PAs
  • Kelli Dean, PA-C
  • (Susan) Hope Dundas, PA-C - Past Officer, LBGT PA Caucus
  • Jill Elliott, PA-C - Officer, LBGT PA Caucus
  • Katherine Footracer, PA-C
  • Dale Frieser, PA-C
  • Joanne Genet,  PA-C
  • Noah Goss, PA-C
  • John Graykoski, PA-C - Past President, Society of Emergency Medicine PAs
  • Marylou Hernandez, PA-C - Past President, LBGT PA Caucus
  • Cornelius "Neal" Holmes, PA-S, Chatham University
  • Brooke Janke, PA-S, Grand Valley State University
  • Laura Jennings, PA-C - Past President, LBGT PA Caucus
  • Lori Johnson, PA-C
  • Gerry Jones, PA-C - Past President, LBGT PA Caucus
  • Tyson Kay, PA-S, University of St. Francis
  • Daniel Kelley-McBride, PA-C
  • Lisa Kerr, PA-C
  • Joelle Kidder, PA-C
  • Patrick Killeen, PA-C - Past President, AAPA; Past President, SAAAPA
  • Kat Malagon-Morris, PA-C - President, LBGT PA Caucus
  • Marc Marchioli, PA-C
  • Mia McDonald, PA-C - Board, LBGT PA Caucus; Past Chief Delegate, SAAAPA; VP of Membership & Development, GLMA
  • Heather McKaig, PA-C
  • Chelsea Milne, PA-S, University of Southern California
  • Danny Mulcahy PA-S, MCPHS University
  • Jeremy Nelson, PA-C - Past President, Iowa PA Society; Past Officer, LBGT PA Caucus
  • Karen Newell, PA-C
  • Cameron Nicholson, PA-C - Board, LBGT PA Caucus
  • Trey Kyle Owens, PA-S, St. Louis University 
  • Shalena M. Peterson, MPH, PA-C
  • Todd Pickard, PA-C - Past President, Texas Academy of PAs; Past President, Association of PAs in Oncology
  • Kurt Palumbo, PA-C
  • Marlina Robinson, PA-C
  • Ashley Ruhomutally, PA-S, Shenandoah University
  • Jewel Sawyer, PA-C
  • Eric Schuman, PA-C - Former Officer, LBGT PA Caucus; Past Board Member of a chapter of the Oregon Medical Society
  • David Schuneman, PA-C
  • Donna Seton, PA-C - Past President, Physician Assistants in Hospice and Palliative Medicine
  • Alex Shaffer, PA-S, MEDEX NW
  • Travis Sherer, PA-C - Past President, LBGT PA Caucus; First PA to sit on GLMA's Board
  • Alex Sherry, PA-C 
  • Laurel Stiedemann, PA-C
  • Jeff Straw, PA-C - Board, LBGT PA Caucus
  • Bridget Stringer, PA-C
  • Julie A. Theriault, PA-C - Past President, AAPA; Past President California Association of PAs; Past Medical Liaison to AAFP
  • Travis Turrell, PA-C
  • Danielle Varney, PA-C - Past President, LBGT PA Caucus
  • Sarah K. Vensel, PA-C
  • Elias Villarreal, Jr., PA-C - Past President, Texas Academy of PAs; Director-at-Large, Arizona State Association of PAs
  • Carrie Whiting, PA-C
  • Brian Wingrove, PA-C - Past Board Member, LBGT PA Caucus; Past AAPA Liaison to GLMA; Past President, Society of PAs in Pediatrics
  • Christina Wojnarwsky, PA-C 



This space is reserved for allied PAs and PA students to sign on.

"We acknowledge the importance of speaking out against discrimination and bias on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, and publicly proclaim our support and affirmation of LGBT members of our professional communities."

  • Kelsey Anderson, PA-C
  • Julie Bedore, PA-C
  • Morgan Bredow, PA-S
  • Crystal Calcott, PA-S
  • Annette Carlsen, PA-S
  • Lisa Chauv, PA-S
  • Andrew K. Chung, PA-S
  • Katie Crandall, PA-S
  • James Delaney, PA-C - Past President, AAPA
  • Linda Delaney, PA-C - Past member, AAPA Board of Directors
  • Abby Dumont, PA-S
  • Shirin Heydari, PA-S 
  • Sonja Joplin, PA-C
  • Carly Landry, PA-S
  • Janet Lechuga, PA-S
  • Kevin Lohenry, PA-C, PhD, DFAAPA
  • Caroline Main, PA-C
  • Jonathon Rutt, PA-S
  • Alexandra Santellano-Bartsch, PA-S
  • Magen Slater, PA-S
  • Tavish Spargo, PA-S
  • Hisano A. Tasedan, PA-S
  • Soumyaa Thushyanthan, PA-S

We invite you to join with us in recognizing National Coming Out Day on October 11.

The Out List for the PA profession is part of ongoing professional community education by the LBGT PA Caucus.  If you would like to add your name in recognition of National Coming Out Day, e-mail info@lbgtpa.org for details. 

List updated June 2019.

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